Hickory Hill Llama Farm started, of course by Pat’s choice, back in roughly 1986-1987. We first began with an interest in what llamas were all about and what the purpose of a llama as a pet would be. We visited farms all over the New England, New York, and Pennsylvania areas and visited several fairs. Along the way, we met many of great people, some which we are still friends with and others have slipped through time. We thank each and everyone for all their help in this constant learning journey of being a llama owner.


Once completing a lot of research, learning, listening and reading, we bought our first two “pet” llamas. Laredo and Tajos were their names and have since passed on. We learned a lot from the two of them. Before the two passed, we decided to venture into some more “show” quality llamas and that is where it began. Since then, our farm and experience has grown. We bred our first male and female back in 2000 and have bred our females out to other male llamas. (Thank you Dakota Ridge – Katrina and Gary!)


Our camelid family is growing stronger and bigger each year. We welcomed our first full Argentine llama as a herd sire to the farm in 2009, Argentine Mazerati. Maz is a show stopper not only in halter competitions but as well as his fiber. He is just a big ole’ teddy bear with an amazing disposition, proven of an Argentine. So far his fiber has Grand Championed 3 times! He will begin his breeding career  in 2014.

           It is amazing to see the activities taking place on the farm. We have many new arrivals both from our females and other farms that have used our stud services. We have many show stoppers on the ground and are very proud of what we have accomplished so far. All of our new arrivals have a super sweet disposition and are just amazing.


We encourage people to come by and visit. Thank you to all the people that have been in our life and have helped out in so many ways. There isn’t anything we could say for your generosity, your friendship, and your support!