Fiber has been one of our passions since we have been involved with llamas. We have learned from many about quality fiber blood-lines and what to breed for to maximize our quality fiber production. With our newly introduced Suri and Argentine llamas, our fiber production in our new offspring will be amazing!! Our first Suri/Heavy Wool cross (HHLF Magneto)….turned out amazing and SOLD instantly! We can’t wait for this years crop of four crias.


We at HHLF do our own shearing and take the care and time to ensure it is a good useable fleece. Not only have we paid special attention to fiber quality, we have dived into color genetics and have some amazing color patterns on our llamas.


We currently offer ANY of our fleeces raw for sale. Inquire for pricing on any of the llamas that you would like. Please check back for hand-made products by us as well…..we found an awesome mill and can’t wait for our yarn to come back. We will be having it spun into rug, sport and lace weight yarn.